Thursday, June 7, 2012

Obama's Gonna Git Yer Guns!

So now that I live in the Socialist State of Amerika and no longer have any freedoms, let alone firearms, I must begin to question why anyone voted for Obama. When guns were banned from private ownership and all ammo was seized, I should have known it was coming. 

When Obama's healthcare act passed, the quality of care I received went abysmally downhill. When the mortgage giants went under, I could no longer entertain the hope of owning a house. When American auto makers went under, foreigners laughed at us and car prices skyrocketed to the point where I couldn't hope to own a car either. 

After private oil and gas companies were regulated into oblivion, I don't think I could even get gas to put in the car, come to think of it. And now that Obama has instituted his secret tax scheme, I don't even have 5% of my income left over after taxes.

Every right wing source warned of these horrors! Why did we not believe them?

You might have gathered that I'm being sarcastic. Presidents may say they're Republicans or Democrats, but honestly, they do what they do without much regard to party lines. Reagan raised taxes. Obama kept wars going and didn't go after gun owners. Yet from all people scream about hysterically on either side of American politics, you'd think the antichrist had been elected if their chosen party doesn't land their candidate in the White House.

Your rights matter. Your vote matters, believe it or not. Your representatives, most of them, try to stay elected, and special interests and rich donors aside, do the best to represent what they think you want. So be an educated voter. Read up on politicians past voting history. You'll see there who they truly are, behind the talk. And look carefully at why they voted like they did. A vote against a bill that you like may be because the bill was poisoned with a rider that would harm more than the bill would help, etc. Be smart. Don't become mindless single issue voters, or take what the press on either side tells you at face value. Be the human being you have the potential to be.

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